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Here you can find all the countries which participated in the Carcassonne World Championships over the last years including the new ones in alphabetic order. The countries that have already announced their participation in the 14th Carcassonne World Championships 2019 are marked accordingly and more will follow soon. Nevertheless we are still looking for new countries!
CountryParticipation in 2019                           Organizer                          
Australia Australia Australian Games Expo
Austria Spielezentrum Österreich
Azerbaijan Board Gamers Baku
Belgium MWM Products
Brasil Devir
Canada Asmodee Canada
Chile Devir
China Swan PanAsia
Colombia Devir  
Costa Rica Devir
Czech Republic 

Duha - Děsír

Denmark Fantask
Estonia Brain Games
Finland Suomen Lautapeliseura ry
France Asmodee
Great Britain UK Games Expo
Greece Kaissa Games SA
Hong Kong Swan PanAsia
Hungary Piatnik Budapest
Iceland Spilavinir  
Italy Giochi Uniti
Japan Mobius Games
Latvia Brain Games
Lithuania Brain Games
Malaysia Meeples Cafe
Mexico Devir
The Netherlands Roll The Dice
New Zealand Battle Cry
Norway Arcon Spillfestival
Peru Devir
Poland Bard Centrum Gier
Portugal Devir
Romania Cutia
Russia Hobby World
Switzerland Fantaysbasel
Serbia Astal
Singapore Spore-Con
Slovak Republic MINDOK s.r.o.
Spain Devir
Sweden Dragon's Lair / S.A.R.Z.
Taiwan Swan PanAsia
USA Asmodee North America