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Final 2021

We are planning to hold the final of the Carcassonne World Championship during game fair SPIEL in Essen this October. We sincerely hope that the game fair will take place and are currently in negotiation with Merz Verlag to get an approriate location on the fair grounds. If everything runs smoothly the final will take place on Saturday (16th) or Sunday (17th) of October 2021 with roughly 80 players from around the world. Just to remind you: due to the fact that there was no final last year each participating country has the right to send two players this time! Unfortunately it's not possible to predict if everybody who wants to play can actually do that - nobody can say right now which travel restrictions might (still) be in place in October. Nevertheless we are planning the final for the maximal number of players so don't worry - there will be space for everyone coming. :-)

We will update this page as soon as we have new information so please come back here from time to time.