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Here you can find all the countries which participated in the Carcassonne World Championships over the last years including the new ones in alphabetic order. The countries that have already officially announced their participation in the 16th Carcassonne World Championships 2022 are marked accordingly and more will follow soon for sure. Nevertheless we are still looking for new countries!

Last updated: 16th of March 2023
CountryParticipation in 2023                           Organizer                          
Australia AustraliaNOAustralian Games Expo
Azerbaijan Board Gamers Baku
BelgiumYESMWM Products
Canada Asmodee Canada
ChinaYESSwan PanAsia
Costa Rica Devir
CroatiaYESUdruga Igranje
Czech Republic 

Duha - Děsír

Denmark Fantask
Estonia Brain Games
FinlandYESSuomen Lautapeliseura ry
Great BritainYESUK Games Expo
Greece Kaissa Games SA
Guatemala Devir
Hong KongYESSwan PanAsia
Hungary Piatnik Budapest
ItalyYESGiochi Uniti
JapanYESMobius Games
Latvia Brain Games
Lithuania Brain Games
Malaysia Meeples Cafe
The NetherlandsYESRoll The Dice
New ZealandNOBattle Cry
NorwayYESArcon Spillfestival
Peru Devir
PolandYESBard Centrum Gier
Russia ***???Hobby World
Switzerland Fantaysbasel
Serbia Astal
Slovakia MINDOK s.r.o.
Sweden Dragon's Lair / S.A.R.Z.
TaiwanYESSwan PanAsia
USA Asmodee North America
*** Statement of publicher Hans im Glueck regarding Russian war actions against Ukraine:

We have decided to immediately discontinue any licenses our Russian partners have to produce and distribute our board games in Ukraine. Even though it will take time until a proper market for board games might develop on its own, it will be a market with new and local partners.
Also, we have put any proceedings on hold regarding new licenses for upcoming game productions in Russia. We are aware that by not being able to purchase and play board games we will not necessarily have an effect on the responsible groups of people in Russia. Still, we see the need to join the community and act in solidarity.
In accordance we needed to decide on whether to invite Russia to the Carcassonne World Championship. It is our belief that the Carcassonne WC stands for diversity and international understanding. In this it is a strong platform to take a stand against the Russian attack on Ukraine and condemn any related actions. There are Russian citizens who disagree with the actions of their government. We want them to have the opportunity to position themselves against the war. Russian participants, who want to join the games under the banner of peace are very welcome to do so. Of course, the same will apply to the winner of the Russian National Carcassonne Championship, if they are able to come to Germany for the WC. Any participants who do not respect these terms or do not wish to follow them are barred from the event.