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Final 2022

16th Carcassonne World Championships

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Here are the links to the video from the finals: german version, english version.

Unfortunately, we made a mistake when setting up the software. Therefore, the first tiebreaker was the Buchholz scoring without discarding a result (and as a basis for the pairings in the preliminary round). This would have resulted in a shift of the places 11th to 13th and 30th to 32nd. We are sorry for this. However, we accept the mistake as a factual decision on the spot.
The results after five preelemination rounds:


1del Arco Juárez, OsvaldoMexico51513993
2Kishino, SatoruJapan417151084
3Chen, Min-Wei Taiwan415,513,59,575
4Masiero, Gian MariaItaly41211736
5Gere, ArpadRomania41110784
6Bartkowiak, KrzysztofPoland410,59,5631
7Mojzis, MartinCzech Republic3,514,512,58,538
8Jorgensen, HogneNorway3,513,512,58,511
9Wallace, ChrisU. K.3171510-35
10Blanc, Pablo Argentina31614954
11Tung, Ng WingHong Kong31312855
12Matheus, Erick (13.)Brasil31312755
13Victor, Nicolas (12.)Belgium31212814
14Plaza Suazo, Michael A.Chile311,510,57-1
15Jónsson, NarfiIceland311106-15
16Stratmann, KoljaGermany310,59,5643
17Svabas, AndrejusLithuania399629
18Torres, NunoPortugal2171410-47
19Kaukis, PaulsLatvia214,513,58,5-104
20Kyriazis, GiorgosGreece214139-15
21Du Pasquier, ClémentFrance213128-1
22Ruiz, Daniel GarcíaCatalonia213128-12
23Raurala, RasmusFinland212,511,57,54
24Tihon, JozsefHungary212117-33
25Ayala, DanielU. S. A.211,510,57-24
26Tarakanov, Ivan *210107-23
27Leopoldseder, StefanAustria2764-35
28Agudo, OscarSpain115139-36
29Antolinez, SergioColumbia1131177
30Salbut, ZlatkoSerbia111107-63
31Versteeg, Gert (32.)The Netherlands110,59,56-17
32Gretšenko, Maria (31.)Estonia110106-110
33Salomon André, Namay Q.Peru1995-81
34Aymaliev, BorislavBulgaria01096-61
 * under an international flag     
 ** 1st TieBreaker: Buchholz scoring     
 *** 2nd TB: Bsc without worst     
**** 3rd TB: Bsc without worst & best 
**** 4th TB:differnce in victorypoints 
The elemination rounds:
Quarter Finals - Table 1        
Osvaldo del Arco JuárezMexico77        
Hogne JorgensenNorway93        
Quarter Finals - Table 2 Semi Finals - Table 1 Final Table
Satoru KishinoJapan72 Arpad GereRomania107 Min-Wei ChenTaiwan95
Martin MojzisCzech Republic83 Hogne JorgensenNorway76 Arpad GereRomania103
Quarter Finals - Table 3 Semi Finals - Table 2 Game for 3rd Place
Min-Wei ChenTaiwan103 Min-Wei ChenTaiwan98 Martin MojzisCzech Republic100
Krysztof BartkowiakPoland50 Martin MojzisCzech Republic93 Hogne JorgensenNorway94
Quarter Finals - Table 4        
Gian Maria MasieroItaly65        
Arpad GereRomania70        
The ranking after the elemination rounds:
Place Name Country
1 Gere, Arpad Romania
2 Chen, Min-Wei  Taiwan
3 Mojzis, Martin Czech Republic
4 Jorgensen, Hogne Norway
5 del Arco Juárez, Osvaldo Mexico
6 Kishino, Satoru Japan
7 Masiero, Gian Maria Italy
8 Bartkowiak, Krzysztof Poland