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Here you find the names of the players already known who will participate in the Carcassonne World Championship Finals 2021:
Marian Curcan from Romania (World Champion 2019)
Patrick Bekkenutte
& Els Bulten from The Netherlands
John Egil Utsi & Hanne Sundelin-Sagdahl from Norway
Ven Gee Lim & Bogdan Curcan from Great Britain
Pablo Zimmermann & Pablo Blanc from Argentina

Vladimir Kovalev & Konstantin Butin from Russia
Allan Ropski & Kerry Alley from USA
Andrea Romina Leon Giusto & Jessica Paulina Pereda
from Mexico
Oscar Agudo Bustamante & Victor Tostado Haro from Spain
Alcided de Carvalho & Melvin Gavinho Quaresma from Brasil
Pere Vives from Catalonia

Raimund Dreier & the new German champion 2021 from Germany
Maciej Polak & Tomasz Preuss from Poland
Ioana Felicia Rosca & Hans Mostböck from Austria
Min-Wei Chen from Taiwan
Tsz-Kit Sung & Wai-Lim Cheung from Hong Kong
David Ventura & Nuno Torres from Portugal

Ville Inkiläinen from Finland
Andres Felipe Pintor from Colombia
Ruben Kocsis-Bakti &
Zsolt Simeon from Hungary
Ervin Gall & Mihnea-Ioan Nicolescu from Romania
Giacomo Lonati & Antonio Cataldo from Italy
Georgios Kyriazidis from Greece
Boris Vucovic from Serbia
Joren de Ridder & Johan Nuyts from Belgium
Martin Mojzis & Robert Scholz from Czech Republic