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Here you find the names of the players who will participate in the Carcassonne World Championship Finals 2023:
Arpad Gere from Romania (World Champion 2022)
Karl Verheyden from Belgium
Patrick Bekkenutte from The Netherlands
Timofei Gretsenko from Estonia
Matt Tucker from Great Britain
Giulio Tomao from Italy
Andrejus Svabas from Lithuania
Hogne Jorgensen from Norway
Ralph Querfurth from Germany
Jorim Mella / Winner Mind Sports Olympiad Carcassonne Grand Prix
Werner German Busch from Argentinia
Marco Nain Rodriguez Rivas from Mexico
Nuno Torres from Portugal
Rafael Castillo Fuentes from Spain
Vladimir Kovalev for the international Carcassonne family :-)
Konstantin Butin / Winner WTCOC
Zvonimir Vlaić from Croatia
Kai Michishita from Japan
Malin Malmberg from Sweden

Alexey Pegushev / Winner WTCOC
Alfonsa Arroyo / Winner WTCOC
Andrew Naylor from USA
Nuria Casanovas from Catalonia
Otto Ikonen from Finland

Xiangyu Qin / Winner WTCOC
Fabio Sanches de Carvalho from Brazil
Jose Miguel Parrado from Colombia
Nestor Mancilla Valverde from Peru
Pablo Figoli Cardoso from Uruguay
Anatolii Kravchenko from Ukraine
Kriss Kaukis from Latvia
Jozsef Tihon from Hungary
Guan-Wei Lin from Taiwan
Kei Tsi Daniel Cheng from Hong Kong
Stefan fra Deildartungu from Iceland
Valentin Andre from France

Apostolos Manganos from Greece
Max Bazilyuk from Ukraine (wildcard)
Tomasz Preuss from Poland
Simona Radu from Romania
Ioana Felicia Rosca from Austria
Marcel Benoit from Chile
Martin Mojzis from Czech Republic

Last Update: September 27th 2023