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Here you find the names of the players who will participate in the Carcassonne World Championship Finals 2022:
Maciej Polak from Poland (World Champion 2021)
Borislav Aymaliev from Bulgaria
Rasmus Raurala from Finland
Chris Wallace from Great Britain
Narfi Jonsson from Iceland
Satoru Kishino from Japan
Daniel Garcia Ruiz from Catalonia

Hogne Jorgensen from Norway
Chen Minwei from Taiwan
Jozsef Tihon from Hungary
Andrejus Svabas from Lithuania
Kolja Stratmann from Germany
Stefan Leopoldseder from Austria
Erick Matheus from Brazil
Maria Gretsenko from Estonia
Pauls Kaukis from Latvia
Gert Versteeg from The Netherlands
Nicolas Victor from Belgium
Daniel Ayala from USA
Gian Maria Masiero from Italy
Arpad Gere from Romania
Pablo Blanc from Argentina
Michael Angelo Plaza Suazo from Chile
Osvaldo del Arco Juarez from Mexico
Oscar Agudo Bustamante from Spain
Nuno Torres from Portugal
Namay Quinones Salomon Andre from Peru
Sergio Alberto Antolinez Esquivel from Colombia
Kyriazidis Georgios from Greece
Clement Du Pasquier from France
Martin Mojzis from Czech Republic
Ng Wing Tung from Hong Kong
Zlatko Salbut from Serbia
Krzysztof Bartkowiak from Poland

We're still waiting for one more player...
Latest Update: 26th of September 2022
(if you think someone is missing please contact me)