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Final 2017

The Carcassonne World Championship Final took place in Essen / Germany on on Sunday, October 29th 2017 during worlds largest game fair SPIEL.

37 players were waiting for their chance to become new Carcassonne champion 2017 so due to the uneven number we had to determine another player. This year the Belgium vice champion (the son of the Belgium player!) was the lucky winner of our Carcassonne lottery. Five of the 38 players had been Carcassonne World Champions before so the level of the tournament was very high.

After five preelimination rounds Tomasz Preuss fom Poland was the only player with five victories and therefore automatically in the quarterfinal. Next to him six player with four victories each made it there, too: Pantelis Litsardopoulos from Greece, Matej Tabak from Slovak Republic, David Sandrine from Italy, Ven Gee Lim from Great Britain, Johan Nuyts from Belgium and Martin Mojsiz from Czech Republic. Twelve players had three victories each so the first tiebraker came into play and Stefan Leopoldseder from Austria was the lucky last one who qualified for the quarterfinal. After some very though games the following countries made it into the semi final: Poland, Greece, Slovak Republic and Italy. Here Tomasz Preusz continued his victory series and went straight into the final game (the first world champion ever who won all the games in the tournament!) while two times world champion Pantelis Litsardopoulos followed his example only a few minutes later and went there, too (the fifth year in a row!).

Nearly right from the start there was a fight for a large city and it became clear that the player with the most meeples in the end would be the winner of the tournament. Tomasz attacked Pantelis hard and was able to place more meeples in the city so this (next to some other moves) was the main factor for his victory.

Therefore the new Carcassonne world champion 2017 is TOMASZ PREUSS from POLAND! Congratulations!!!

Here are the final results of the 12th Carcassonne World Championships:
1      Tomasz Preuss from Poland    
2      Pantelis Litsardopoulos from Greece    
3      Davide Sandrin from Italy 
4      Matej Tabak from Slovak Republic  
5      Ven Gee Lim from Great Britain    
6      Martin Mojzis from Czech Republic  
7      Johan Nuyts from Belgium 
8      Stefan Leopoldseder from Austria    
9      Bradley Finn from USA  
10     Nicolescu Mihnea Ioan from Romania    
11     Takafumi Mochizuki from Japan    
12     Troy Chak from Canada
13     Wolf Nyts from Belgium  
14     Pere Vives from Spain
15     Yee Hock Tan from Malaysia  
16     Vladimir Kovalev from Russia    
17     Rolandas Pukstas from Lithuania  
18     Dong Yang from China  
19     Els Bulten from The Netherlands   
20     Jose Miguel Ferrario from Colombia  
21     Hanne Sundelin Larsen from Norway  
22     Rafael Escalante from Mexico 
23     Thomas Leung from Australia  
24     Martin Kasperlik from Czech Republic     
25     Tobey Tamber from Taiwan  
26     Irene Müller from Germany
27     Diego Acevedo from Chile   
28     Larna O'Reilly W. Hansen from Denmark  
29     Ricardo F. L. da Silva from Portugal     
30     G. Ziegler da Silva from Brasil
31     Ville Inkiläinen from Finland
32     Egita Pandare from Latvia   
33     War Key Li from Hong Kong   
34     Gabor Somogyi from Hungary  
35     Raivo Rang from Estonia   
36     Hanna Johansson from Sweden  
37     Filip Baljkas from Serbia   
38     Trouillard Olivier from France

Some impressions at the end: