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Here you find the players that are already qualified for the the Carcassonne World Championship Finals 2019:
Genro Fujimoto from Japan (World Champion 2018) *
John van der Hulst from The Netherlands
Raf Michels from Belgium
Lam Chi Wo from Hong Kong
Rune Alfsen from Norway
Ven Gee Lim from Great Britain
Bernabe Fernandez from Argentina
Jorge Garzon from Colombia
Ricardo Araujo from Portugal
Pauls Kaukis from Latvia
Takafumi Mochizuki from Japan *

Paolo Ballabeni from Italy
Alejandro Riveros Grimaldi from Peru
Vladimir Kovalev from Russia *
Bradley Flinn from USA
Sig Gunnarsson from Iceland
Pantelis Litsardopoulos from Greece *
Olivier Trouillard from France
Hanna Johansson from Sweden

Players with an * behind their name are former world champions!