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Here you find the players that are already qualified for the the Carcassonne World Championship Finals 2018:
Tomasz Preuss from Poland (World Champion 2017)
Martin Mojzis from Czech Republic
Vladimir Chendev from Russia
Joren De Ridder from Belgium

Vidar Aas from Norway
Antonio Cataldo from Italy
Jakob Sonder Larson from Denmark
Sander Liis from Estonia
Dmitrijus Chocenka from Lithuania
Kriss Kaukis from Latvia
Patrick Bekkenutte from The Netherlands
Jack Fowler from Great Britain
Andreas Leuschner from Germany

Jaime Elias Mochan from Mexico
Lorenzo Miguel Soler from Spain
Douglas Aguilar Guilhermen from Brasil
Panu Kalliokoski from Finland
Maikol Yezid Bello Guzman from Colombia
Miriam Cordero from Costa Rica
Genro Fujimoto from Japan
Alexander Prado from Chile
David Gursky from USA
Teresa Barros from Portugal